Spring for a Mountain Getaway!

Spring is slowly warming up the mountains and with Spring comes all the beauty and adventure Cherokee Country has to offer! To help you plan your next trip to the mountains we have compiled all the best activities, places to eat, and things to do! Your next family vacation is about to be a hit!

For the Outdoorsy Adventure Seeker:

  • Start the day off with a moderate hike to beautiful Panther Top and take in the panoramic mountain views!
  • After your hike, take a quick 15 minute drive back to Downtown Murphy and check out our local outdoor store, Peaceful Trails. Find the coolest Murphy shirts and custom stickers or pick out a handcrafted pocket knife.
  • End the day with a cold, craft beer from Buck Bald Brewing and   enjoy the view of bustling     downtown.   

For the Go with the Flow Wayfarer:

  • Begin your morning with a fresh made breakfast sandwich or homemade muffin and a hot cup of coffee from Cups and Cones in Downtown Andrews. Take a seat and chat with the locals or just enjoy the easy going flow of downtown Andrews.

  • After spending the morning in Andrews, take a 15 minute drive to Downtown Murphy and explore the
  • local book nook, The Curiosity Shop Bookstore. Get lost in    local literature and folk tales or find a newly released favorite!
  • End the evening with a stroll on the Murphy River Walk. Take in the sounds of nature and the relaxing lull of the river. Too stuffed to walk? There are several seating areas and pavilions right on the river so you don’t have to worry about missing the view!

For the Artsy Globetrotter:

  • Start your day off at the Murphy Art Center, viewing locally 
  • crafter art, photos, pottery and much more! Continue your stroll and explore all the locally owned shops and cafes in Downtown Murphy.
  • After a morning of shopping, enjoy the beauty of nature at Two Crows Farm. Pet and feed the friendly alpacas, this is a hit with both children and adults!
  • End your day at The Mason Bar and fancy a specialty crafted drink and dine on their delicious and fun menu! While you enjoy, listen to a local musician perform. Don’t be scared to double dip as they host new performers every night!

If you’re looking for a specific activity, restaurant, or something different altogether feel free to swing by the Murphy visitor Center on your way into town! We can’t wait to see you!                                                                                                                                     

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